Captivating rock energy

Zak Perry is an author, composer, guitarist, performer from Texas based in North of France, where he registered his 13th album « Waking Up The Vultures ».

Native from Missouri, Zak Perry was heading for a beautiful professional golfer career but music came through. He first lived in New-York where he could launch his music before going to Austin. Over there he met success and has obtained music awards, especially for his song« Mama », on « Dogwood » album. His hits were also broadcasted many times on Fox News and climb in the texan Top 40.

Upon this success, Zak Perry feels like a troubadour singer. Galveston, his american living town, is also the place where he met his french manager, Fabrice Cat. A relationship was born from this beautiful meeting and Zak decided to live in a second-french-home in Preux-au-Sart, a village that has inspired him to write the eponym song, in the « Live Session In France » album.

Then, Zak Perry launch many tours in France and the Netherlands, winning loyalty with his audience. He played also in Belgium, in the Blue Sphere in Cork, in the Trabendo and Raismes Fest. His single « Do Me Like That » was played on Classic 21, a rock Belgian radio.

A veteran of the American independent music scene for over 35 years, Zak lives with a genuine intensity rarely seen. With his diverse experiences, boundless curiosity and his quest for the continued development of his craft, it is a fully formed musical and human experience that he offers to the Old Continent with The Beautiful Things.

He defines his style as “a cocktail of rock, country, blues and Gospel” and was compared to The Allman Brothers Band and Soundgarden bands. His references come from he heart of purely American sounds, from Neil Young to Led Zeppelin, while Ray Charles is one of his writing model. His compositions and his very revealing interpretation of this Texan music are rooted in a precise set of instruments and rhythms.

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“European” musicians of Zak Perry & The beautiful Things

Keyboard : Andy Nijmijer

Bass player : Gerben Koolen

Guitarist : Ralph Schraven

Drummer : Julien Mahieux

Photos credit : Ana Lucia Montezuma – Jean-Marc Deltombe

American musicians of Zak Perry & The beautiful Things

Guitarist :Vern Vennard

Bass player : Scott Ray

Drummer : Jason Charron