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Yannick Alglave – Key Music Valenciennes: Yannick Alglave is the logistical angel of music without whom Zak Perry & The Beautiful Things’ European adventure could never have happened!

Yannick, a bon vivant who appreciates beautiful motorcycles and a fine craft beer, is above all a music lover. A music lover, musician and (perhaps most importantly) the owner of the instrument shop Key Music – Valenciennes in Valenciennes, France, Yannick immediately fell under the spell of Texan Zak Perry. And such, ever since the first European tour in autumn 2016, he has actively promoted and supported the European base of the Texas group through his logistical support providing instruments and sound equipment to the band out of his own pocket. Indeed, it is from the grace of his heart and in pure rock n’ roll spirit, far from all the prevailing corporate mentality of competitors that Yannick has participated in supporting the band on all European tours and they couldn’t be more grateful

No European tour would be complete without a detour to Yannick’s Key Music store to stock up on necessary items, hang out and talk and maybe even play an intimate showcase!

191 avenue de Liège 59144 Valenciennes. France
+33 (0)3 27 43 71 54

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Customs guitars , amps/cabs & Pickups
Vintage & used gears, pedals strings and accessories

Production :

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Stéphane BIHAN
31 rue Edouard BRANLY 62000 Arras. France
+33 (0)6 22 24 65 84

Public Relation :

Tél : +33 (0)7 85 28 49 34

Management/Booking :

Fabrice CAT
Tél : +33 (0)7 85 28 49 34